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Thursday, March 4, 2010

MIT students

Almost forgot. I'm using some of the methods outlined by the two MIT students; here is a link to their website so you can see photos and videos of what I plan to do. My idea is a bit different though, because I plan on launching several hours before sunrise. I should be able to have photos/videos of the city lights at night, and my goal is to see the sun as it comes around the sphere of our humble yet glorious planet. Closest photo I've seen that resembles what I want to do was taken from the space shuttle astronauts and ISS crew. I'm posting a picture of that too so you can get an idea of what I'm trying to do....

The remarkable thing about my photos (if successful) would be that I did them for around $300 instead of millions and billions of dollars spent to put astronauts into space who then take photos of sunrise (the components I used added up to a little over $300..(this doesn't include the parts I purchased but then ended up either upgrading or discarding after testing; call it a lesson in near-space research!). I also did this as an individual project...I am not an engineer or physicist. I do not have an elaborate budget or crew to depend on. I do have an advanced degree, but it's in psychology and counseling, not anything remotely aerospace. However, I do have a few university colleagues who have assisted me with some of the engineering and physics aspects of this project. Once we have a successful launch I'll talk more about the next step and who will be involved...I'm excited, and hope you are too.

Here is the link to the MIT student's website:

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