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Saturday, March 27, 2010

God must be a painter, to create such a beautiful world....

The pictures came through! I haven't been this tired since I was in my late teens....but the results are nothing short beyond words.
After fiddling with my 23-foot PVC pipe contraption for several hours of wrangling I was finally able to break the craft loose from its treetop resting point. Upon opening the payload I immediately noticed that the craft was in amazingly good condition. While the parachute was torn on two grommets, EVERYTHING in the payload was sealed and in the same position I left it, which is saying something because every single electronic device had been attached via velcro. Also, the movement I noticed on the video was not the constant spinning I've seen on similar projects, which tells me I'm on to something. While statistically the number of usable photographs was not what I'd like it to be, the fact that the camera continued shooting over 3500 photos without the batteries dying or anything freezing up is a testimony to modern engineering, and I'd say at least 50% of the photographs were usable, without a huge blur. I have painstakingly gone through all the photographs, and found the ones I thought to be the "best of the best" for your viewing.

Enough are the photos I went through so much trouble to obtain. I may add more later, as well as the video which is not at quite as high a resolution. I'll need donations and sponors to invest in an HD video camera and build upon this success, but more about that later...

For now, enjoy the photos...I certainly have been.  To see the full photo, click on them because they are partially cut on the webpage, so click and check them out the way they should be viewed, or visit the photobucket site for more pictures from the final frontier.

And they are...

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