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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Coming down from the mountain...

After spending many hours reviewing the photos, I have had thoughts I deemed worth writing down.  Seeing the Earth in such a manner, and having done it in such a humble manner, I find myself transfixed...and in awe of creation.  The blue orb of our home circles endlessly on a journey around a average star that is on the edge of a spiral galaxy....I was able to capture a brief moment in the history of our universe that will never happen again.  Once one has taken in those views, and pondered on how endless and vast our universe is, how can one come back and operate normally within human society?  After viewing such marvelous sights, how can I dare turn my attentions to mundane tasks such as taking out the garbage, paying bills, or checking the mail?  How is it our rather absurd existence makes any sense in the context of the photos you have seen (or are about to see)?  It seems almost a cosmic anomoly, a brief episode that will exist for a moment and disappear into the blackness of eternity, while the universe moves on. 

Our best hope for humanity is to spread out across the solar system, to boldy enter the void, and to colonize the solar system and beyond.  I can't wait, and hope I live to see the beginnings of a permanent base.  I think near-space is a wonderful place to offer affordable space-tourism for the masses.  Even the most humble among us would be changed forever upon seeing the planet in such a manner first-hand.  It is life-changing. 


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