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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Selected Pictures from Anderson - 1

Sunrise.  I did not complete my secondary goal of sunrise from near-space, which would have viewed the sun as it comes around the sphere of our planet, with the backdrop of black space around it.  I was too late.  I was extremely cautious on this first launch, as it is too easy to fumble and either burst the balloon, tangle a line, forget to press a button on the camera, release the balloon before you attach the payload, ect. I did obtain a sunrise, but the space sunrise will be for the next launch and I am confident we will obtain our photos.  Anderson - 2 is already in the planning stages, with many lessons learned and improvements already in the works.  Hopefully through sponsors & donations I can purchase a new or used high-definition video camera for the next launch.  If anyone has an older yet functional one they're willing to donate, I'd love to send it up!

Glare, or meteorite?  Could be glare....

Condensation on the camera lens is apparent

After journeying to the edge of space...we get stuck in a tree!  That was the hardest part of the entire project, besides getting stuck in the mud at the launch site.  More pictures are posted at:

Until next time....enjoy the view, and remember how special and fragile our world truly is.  Indeed, we know of no other place like it at this is a veritable Garden of Eden in a cosmic without measure or boundaries.

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