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Sunday, February 28, 2010

More and more....

Well, ran some tests today. Overall, I'm pleased with how this is progressing, but admittedly there is a problem that keeps nagging at my project. No matter how much helium I put in the balloons, or how big a balloon I purchase, they never have enough to do what I need them to. Helium is supposed to lift 1 pound per 15 cubic feet. Well, I put 30 cubic feet into a 200 gram balloon and it can't even pick up the camera BY ITSELF. It did manage to pick up the styrofoam container and gps phone by themselves, but not the I could muster was to attach my cellphone camera and let it fly on a tether. Well, it went up maybe 100 feet or so, and of course it brings another problem to light. The camera spins around so fast you can rarely tell what is going on. I did anticipate this, however, and plan on attaching the platform in such a way as to keep spinning to a minimum.

I'm learning that to do this right and with a reasonable guarantee of success it is taking a lot of work and experimentation. I'll get this figured out, one step at a time.

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